Sunday, September 21, 2014

Food For Thought

And now, for a little food for thought. It has been a while since I have shared my fun little nutritional food graphic that shows  you all the delicious foods I ate throughout the day. I know you were really missing it so I thought I would bring it out again just for fun and laughs and to also celebrate the end of Serving Size Summer. (I still have a few posts left in me to wrap things up.)

This Graphic shows what I ate August 23, when Elizabeth and I attended the American Idol show at Marymoor Park in Redmond. It was their last show and I won the tickets by calling into the radio station. I thought it was a fitting full circle event because Elizabeth auditioned for American Idol the last time they were in Seattle. It was quite an experience.

Here is the review for the show: It was a very big Karaoke performance... it was their last show and I think they were all ready to move on. It was fun just the same.

August 23 was a difficult day for me in the eating category. I started the morning nibbling on the Olaf cake that was left over from Courtney's birthday celebration. (This was a moment of weakness. It was also yummy.)

If we took the cake out of the picture, my food consumption was not that bad. I had three meals, two of which were restaurant food and the other was a super delicious meal prepared by my son-in-law, Russell, who is a fantastic cook.

His lunch sub was not dripping with grease like my breakfast.

The real diet killer was my restaurant prepared two egg breakfast with hash browns, bacon, sausage and a biscuit. I do not eat butter on my food, so that didn't get added in to my 1270 calorie breakfast. That is half of my entire day's calorie limit.

I put this graphic together to show how easy it is to get hosed up in our good plans by eating what should be a relatively harmless meal, like breakfast.

I could cook this meal at home, controlling my portions, eating turkey sausage or bacon, skipping the biscuit altogether and using pam to cook my food with would also cut down on the grease that was dripping off my over hard fried eggs.

Later, at the concert, I was prepared to eat healthier.

I packed flatbread and snacks. On the way to the concert, we stopped at Taco Time and bought two of their low calorie salads: the Fit Hit Bowl 301 and Chop Salad 250. We used our flatbread to make a wrap and then ate the rest of our salads. We also brought water bottles and filled them in the park.

This was a no guilt meal.

I have found that it is important to find places that will serve food compatible with dietary restrictions. Taco Time is one of my favorites because their salads have beans and rice, are tasty, and the sizes are reasonable and filling. Salsa is a great topping for salads, although we used a little ranch for flavor.

My total Calorie content for the entire day was way over the top.I doubled my usual counts. In my daily count I try to stick to under 2000 calories per day.

August 23, 2014 I ate almost 4000 calories.

I thought it was amusing that I gained only a few ounces the next day. But then I ate more cake the next day and then the next and before I knew it, five pounds had sneaked back on to my scale.

This is an example of how easy it was for me to slip back into my "not thinking" mindset and just shove food into my mouth, even though I really don't want to do it. I just do.

I mentioned before that August was a difficult month for me. I began August at 250.8. I ended August at 249.6. I spent the entire month losing and gaining and losing the same seven pounds. I feel like it is a success to have ended the month down almost one pound.

Today marks the end of my Serving Size Summer Experiment. I will posting a few more times to wrap things up and post some of the other pictures I have gathered. So stay tuned a bit longer...

And since you read to this point, you should get a prize! It is below.

"Such Fun!"

For a little comic relief, enjoy this clip of Miranda while you contemplate the joys of examining my nutrition food graphic.

For those of you who don't know, Miranda is a very funny comedian from Great Britain.

Enjoy this clip, compliments of the BBC.

If you happen to have Xfinity, you can watch full episodes from your Comcast/Xfinity account.

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